Hypertrophy training (building muscle) is dummy-proof. Stay consistent, eat enough protein and your muscles will grow doing almost any resistance training routine. You can do anywhere from 6-30+ reps per set. You can use bad form. You can ego lift. You can make poor exercise choices. You can do a bro split, push-pull-legs, or full body workouts. Regardless of how you approach it, you’ll more than likely see some results over time. (The same goes for weight loss although, any type of exercise will do, and you want to be in a caloric deficit). I am living proof of this.

When I first started in the gym I did no research, didn’t use a personal trainer, didn’t make any significant changes to my diet, ego lifted with bad form, and yet still managed to put on muscle. The problem with this approach is that 1. Results take far longer to achieve and are not as significant as they can be. 2. You neglect all other aspects of health and fitness. And 3. It is not sustainable as you will most likely run into injuries that will continue to set you back.

Years of this approach went by. My body became stiff, injury prone, and my cardiovascular health suffered, but hey, at least I looked good right? This isn’t a guaranteed eventuality for everyone that goes to the gym, but far too frequently I see people online and in the gym complaining about shoulder, knee, and back pain, etc. while training. Many of us with a common goal of looking good, end up sacrificing feeling and moving good somewhere along the road. Not only is that trade not worth it, eventually the “looking good” part will be slowed or completely stopped by injuries.

After enough suffering, I changed my approach to address everything I had neglected from the beginning. Strength in functional movements, mobility, cardiovascular health, and eliminating weak links became my areas of focus. Outside the gym I also made changes to improve my health and fitness, eating and sleeping better, and engaging in various beneficial health/wellness protocols.

This sent me down a never ending rabbit hole of learning how I can train better. I stopped neglecting certain muscles, which allowed my body to return closer to how it evolved. I incorporated mobility work into my strength training, and not only became more flexible but was able to use that newly acquired range. My now functional exercise selection allowed me to become strong in movements that translated to real life. With a better, balanced body, running became enjoyable, which in turn lead to my cardiovascular health rapidly improving. As time passed, the aches and pain I was experiencing dissipated, the injuries stopped reoccurring, and without any dedicated training towards it, my body composition improved.

These changes vastly improved the quality of my life. I feel amazing, move well, and have the body I want. Despite this, I still go down that same rabbit hole regularly, looking for more knowledge to enable me to build better bodies, for myself, and for others that choose to seek my help.

This journey has allowed me to develop an approach to training that builds strong, mobile, well functioning bodies – that also look good. The “Tommy Kudoba Fitness Personal Training Method” focuses on 5 main things

1. Functional strength – so you can be capable of doing what you love and much more.
2. Mobility – so your body can continue to move in whatever way you want it to, while reducing

the risk of injury and pain.
3. Looking good – so you can feel confident about yourself

4. Health – so you can have more energy, better cardiovascular health, and a longer life/health

5. Instil the knowledge to accomplish the above in others – so you can continue the journey on

your own (if you choose) and make progress for the rest of your life

“You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be” – Pete Rose

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