Personal Training can be made simple to consume but I assure you lots of work goes into everything educated personal trainers do. Years of research and learning, years of personal experience, hours of assessing, programming, and tracking for each individual they train. That’s the stuff you’re really paying for, not the 1 hour of being told to move weights around.

Along with their personal experience, personal trainers stay up to date on the latest scientific research and protocols, they program based on the literature, & use the various tools that science provides for them. Because of this, they successfully help many people reach their health and fitness goals.

Let me break down my approach as a personal trainer to demonstrate.

  • Post-consultation, I perform an assessment on an individual by looking at the function of each of their joints separately. This takes the guesswork out of trying to pinpoint the exact problem while watching them perform a badly executed squat. It allows me to specifically see what they are capable of and what needs improvement. This allows me to set them up for success, program appropriate exercises that will maximize results while avoiding injuries, and most importantly get their body back to a well functioning state.
  • Next I will program. To be a healthy well rounded individual you must consider the various forms of exercise. Cardio, resistance training, power and speed based training, mobility training, etc.. The science outlines the ideal amount of each method you should be doing. Commonly people who resistance train avoid cardio and therefore are of poor cardiovascular health despite looking good. Vice versa, runners ignore resistance training and can even have worse bone density than untrained individuals. Unless you are a high performance athlete, you want a balanced approach. As a personal trainer I show people how to find that balance.
  • Continuing with programming, I determine set and rep schemes based on their goals (losing weight, gaining muscle, etc.). I choose a variety of exercises to ensure a well developed, balanced body, and regress or progress said exercises when appropriate. I also work on specific joints that need help functioning better, and when they make the necessary progress I add in more exercises that they are now capable of performing. These decisions are backed by science, with my own experience filling in the cracks.
  • Diet & sleep are also crucial components of your health and are areas many people struggle with. How to get better sleep?, how to eat to optimize body composition?, and how to increase energy?. These are all questions that I can answer as a personal trainer because I have read the literature and have personal experience. I provide every client with a comprehensive guide on how to improve their sleep and diet to help expedite and maximize their results.

As a personal trainer it is my job to stay up to date with the latest science regarding all things health and wellness. This includes the obvious topics mentioned above and also things like stress management, building healthy habits, how to be more disciplined, etc. Save yourself the time and effort and let me provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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