I never used a personal trainer so why should you? Fair question.

If you’re reading this you’re likely considering getting a personal trainer and if I was to go back in time over a decade ago and start over I would 100% do the same thing.

When I first started working out, like many others, I had a goal of looking good. I also had no idea what I was doing. I completely neglected areas of my body (legs, arguably the most important), didn’t plan or track any of my workouts, and did not make any effort to understand the human body. The one thing I had going for me is that I kept showing up. Because of that I made some progress.

However, the years of winging it, and complete disregard for mobility and cardiovascular health left me with a body that looked decent but didn’t feel or move the best. I had recurring back tweaks, shoulder pain when lifting, and would be sucking for air doing a light jog. I was heading in the wrong direction and realized I needed a complete overhaul on my approach to fitness. I decided looking good wasn’t worth sacrificing feeling or moving good.

I started prioritizing mobility, strength, and cardio in the gym. Along with an improved diet, better sleeping habits, collaborating with other fitness coaches and a few other things, my body started trending in the direction I wanted it to go. I started to move better, my aches and pain vanished, I had more energy, cardio became enjoyable, and the cherry on top was my body composition improved, breaking through a years-long plateau.

I continue to improve my own health & fitness on the road to mastering my own body, however I’m likely years behind where I could’ve been because I stubbornly took the trial and error approach without seeking guidance from someone that knew what they were doing.

With a knowledgeable personal trainer I could have expedited the process to get to where I am now and avoided years of injuries, setbacks, and stagnation.

You can never go wrong by investing in yourself and getting a personal trainer can be one of the most valuable decisions you ever make for your health, longevity, and quality of life.

The benefits include:

1.Knowledge Transfer:

There is an endless amount of information to learn regarding health & fitness. By finding an educated personal trainer that practices what they preach, you can quickly filter out the bad from good and learn from their experience. Don’t just learn how to perform exercises, figure out the why behind each exercise, learn about how your joints function, get advice on how to eat and sleep better, ask them any questions you may have, etc. The human body is complex, soak in as much knowledge as you can from them and put yourself on the fast track to optimizing your health & fitness. You will save years of time and maximize results.

2. Tailored Workouts:

Instead of guessing what to do or following random exercises you see on instagram and hoping it works out, have a personal trainer design a program specific for your body and goals. This will ensure you are heading in the right direction and avoid injuries from doing stuff your body isn’t ready for (If you lack hip mobility or have knee pain, don’t jump straight into loaded barbell squats – regress appropriately and prepare the body first). A good personal trainer will be able to assess you and design a program that, with effort on your end, will result in a body that looks, moves, and feels better than you could’ve imagined.

3. Accountability:

Personal trainers can provide much needed accountability in many ways on your path towards better health and fitness. Getting started is the hardest part and a good personal trainer will make that easy on you. They will plan the workouts, ensure you complete them, provide support and check in on you, and help with any questions or concerns you may have. Week to week they will track the workouts (reps, weight etc.) and will ensure you are putting in the effort required to reach your goals. All you have to do is show up. With the initial assistance and accountability they provide, working out and prioritizing your health and fitness can become habitual and no longer seem like a daunting task to you. Rather it can be another, often enjoyable part of your life that you can’t remember living without.

Ps. Find a personal trainer you enjoy being around and it can make the workouts fun and even lead to a new friend.

4.Improved Quality of Life:

Sure, losing some weight or putting on some muscle and improving your appearance will make your life a bit better and most personal trainers will be able to help you out with that. However, a great personal trainer will help you understand the importance of health & fitness outside of appearance. Mobility, cardiovascular health, diet, sleep, cold/hot exposure, etc. Once you feel good and move well that’s when the quality of your life starts to exponentially rise. A good personal trainer will help you become strong & mobile so that you can be confident in any way you choose to move your body (sports, hiking, playing with your kids, working around the house, bending over, etc.). They will also be able to provide the tools, resources, or guidance so that you can improve your sleep and diet. Proper fuel and recovery, along with exercise will lead you to increased energy, a more robust immune system, and better moods, letting you experience life however you wish (and for longer). On top of this they will help you meet your specific goals. Have it all.

Of course, as a personal trainer myself I am biased, however I have seen the rate that my clients have been able to progress, and when I compare it to how I first began, it blows my results out of the water. If you’re serious about improving the way you look, move, and feel but cost is a concern, ask yourself how much your health, wellness, and longevity are worth to you. Keep in mind the knowledge and experience you gain from a personal trainer can be taken with you to continue the journey on your own. When you put it that way I think the answer is fairly obvious that yes, without a doubt, it is worth it to get the right personal trainer.

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“Perhaps the greatest purpose of a movement practice is to open up our capacity to have experiences that are profoundly meaningful” – Rafe Kelley