Your body is constantly enduring entropy, meaning as you age, your body is breaking down. Pair this with the fact we evolved as hunter gatherers, but no longer live anywhere near similar lives, and we end up with a society full of people living with chronic pain, stiffness, and health disorders. Personal training, or movement training in general can help slow or even reverse entropy. Training at its most basic level is a way to supplement the lack of movement elsewhere in modern life. Because we no longer use our joints, connective tissue, and muscle to run, jump, climb, build, hunt, etc, we can cram that movement into hour-long training sessions to keep our bodies functional and feeling good.

The problem is, the standard approach to training doesn’t take this into consideration and often leads people down the wrong path. Most people don’t consider the joints or connective tissue, but rather focus solely on gaining muscle or losing fat, while confining themselves to repetitive exercises. This approach on a long enough scale results in accommodation, then plateaus and/or injury. By confining the body to man-made exercises, rather than creating movements to train the internal structures of the body, your body gets more efficient at those specific exercises. This sounds like it could be a good thing but in fact happens to the detriment of the internal structures.

A good personal trainer will consider this and can therefore help prevent their clients from going down this path. Joints, and connective tissue should not only be considered when training, they should be a priority. Because the standard model of training, as shown all over the internet, does not account for these things, a personal trainer can be the most valuable tool in achieving real fitness and staving off entropy. By using your joints throughout their workspace you signal to maintain said workspace. You can also improve joint workspace by stretching at the end range you currently have. By strengthening your connective tissue you signal not only to maintain it, but improve it. The same goes for muscle tissue. Without these training inputs, all of these tissues would constantly be degrading throughout life, but with an intelligent personal trainer, you can reverse entropy that has already occurred and slow it down going forward.

Training is a non-negotiable if you want to thrive in life. It is the only way to produce sustainable change in your tissues. If you are interested in creating some beneficial change to your own joints, connective tissue, and muscle tissue, reach out to a personal trainer here Contact Tommy Kudoba Fitness – Personal Trainers Kitchener, ON