Before I start, I would like to point out that outside of people who just want to get in shape for a specific occasion such as a wedding, health and fitness is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t end.

Now before you get discouraged and click away, I would like to say that as a beginner, with the guidance of a personal trainer you CAN make substantial progress on your strength, mobility, and body composition in about 3 months, and monumental transformations if you stay consistent for 6 months to 1 year. Some other results that people may not consider are an immediate improvement in mood and brain function after a single workout and improved overall energy after a week or two. Longer term you also start to see vast improvements in overall health and life expectancy.

Now, something to consider is that many people give back tons of progress because they achieve it through unsustainable action. Extreme caloric deficits, diets they hate, punishing exercise regimens, etc. Sure, you can make impressive progress, but if it burns you out and you lose it all then what was the point? Health & fitness is a game of consistency.

With your approach to dieting, there are two important questions. 1. Are you eating primarily nutrient rich, natural foods? 2. Can you imagine yourself eating this way for the rest of your life? Primarily eating meat and fruit allowed me to answer yes to both of these. Find what works for you.

Now with exercise, this is where personal training can be extremely valuable. First of all, it can help you build the habit of regularly working out. More importantly, the knowledge you can gain from the right personal trainer can save you years of wasted time trying to achieve your goals. They can immediately point you in the right direction, providing programming specific to your needs, goals, and abilities, allowing you to maximize progress while avoiding injuries, setbacks, and troubleshooting. You just have to show up a few times a week to put in the work.

If you can commit to these two things, in 3 months you can be a very different person than you are now.

Now, like I mentioned, the work doesn’t stop there. This is a lifelong commitment you are making. You don’t have to commit to the personal training forever, but you do have to commit to eating foods that you thrive on, and regular exercise. Absorb the knowledge, and reap the benefits of using a personal trainer and when you feel comfortable, continue the efforts on your own and even help others on their journey.

The good news is that once you have achieved these results, it is much easier to maintain them than it was to get them. The longer you wait to start, the harder it will be.

Do hard stuff now, live an easy life later. Do easy stuff now, live a hard life later. Your choice.