The ATG Split Squat is one of my favourite exercises because you get to work your leg muscles while also getting massive mobility gains.

The benefits include:

– Improved hip mobility
– Improved ankle mobility

– Improved quad strength

– Improved knee health

The exercise is performed similar to a traditional split squat with some changes:

– The front knee tracks out as far passed the toes as possible

– Try to keep the back leg as straight as possible without letting the knee touch the ground

– Aim for full coverage of the calf with your hamstring

– Heel elevation will be necessary, especially for beginners, but work towards using none
or the least amount possible

– Keep your torso upright and tuck your pelvis (avoid leaning into the front leg)

If you think this looks difficult or impossible for you to do you can adapt the exercise in a few ways:

– Start with bodyweight

– Use dowel(s) to add assistance

– Elevate the front foot to reduce the load

– Work your way towards the floor over time by lowering front foot

This is one example of an exercise that can help individuals progress in many different areas all at once. It provides a scalable way to restore knee health & function, build quad strength & muscle, and improve hip & ankle mobility. By utilizing intelligent programming, you can build the body you want while also making it function better. Keep this in mind when selecting your exercises. You should always have a “why” for any exercise you do to ensure your working towards your goals and not just moving weight around.