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The mission is accomplished by helping people look, move, and feel the best they ever have.

Scalable Personal Training

With regressions & progressions for every exercise you have a path to become a strong, mobile, individual regardless of your current fitness level.

Eliminate Weak Links

With a well-rounded and sustainable approach you will strengthen often neglected areas and ensure a well balanced, injury resistant body, capable of thriving for years to come.

Programming with a Purpose

Every exercise is chosen with specific intent ensuring no effort or time is wasted on your pursuit towards achieving your fitness goals.

Look Good. Move Well. Feel Amazing.

Meet Personal Trainer, Tommy

Over a decade ago I decided to join a gym, motivated by an idea shared by many: I wanted to look good.

With time, and consistency, I achieved this.

Unfortunately, I was only consistent in that one aspect, with complete disregard for all other areas of my health and fitness. I reached a point where I was stiff, had recurring back tweaks, pain in my shoulder and knee that was becoming chronic, and a light jog would have me sucking for air.

This wasn’t sustainable and I concluded that looking good wasn’t worth sacrificing feeling good and moving well. At this point, I transformed my exercise approach to prioritize strength, mobility, functionality and cardiovascular health. Outside the gym, I improved the quality of my sleep and nutrition, and became obsessed over how the human body functioned.

Amazingly, my aches and pain faded, my body loosened up and became capable of much more, running became enjoyable, and to top it all off my body composition continued to improve.

Finally feeling, moving and looking good, the quality of my life vastly improved. I decided I wanted to help other people feel this same way – to take them in the right direction, maximizing results and sparing them the years of pain, stiffness, and troubleshooting.

Tommy Kudoba Fitness uses intelligent programming to prioritize strength, mobility and functionality – while getting you the body you’ve always wanted. My sustainable approach will make you a strong, mobile, machine capable of doing the things you love, with confidence.

Certified Functional Range Strength Coach

Certified Functional Range Assessment Specialist

personal training kitchener

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

personal training kitchener

CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist

Readers’ Choice 2023 Diamond Winner ‘Best Personal Training’

Become a strong, mobile, machine

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